Promote trade and cultural exchange as a platform for the enhancement of strategic links between Australia and Arab countries.

AAISA will achieve this by:

  1. Developing and fostering interdisciplinary research collaboration between University partners and Universities in the Arab world (and broader Middle East region);
  2. Conducting regular events with local business communities to develop awareness and understanding of trade relationships between Australia and the Arab world;
  3. Hosting at least one major event (conference/symposium) per year under the auspices of partners, with several workshops/smaller events held throughout the year;
  4. Raising awareness of opportunities and pathways for doing business in the Arab world;
  5. Promoting Australian-Arab relations through trade and education;
  6. Engaging the academic community, industry, policy makers and the broader community in understanding the Arab world and potential for Australia-Arabic collaboration through public seminars, projects and media opportunities.

AAISA will be focussed through the four elements of its Strategic Framework: