The AAISA aims to be a self funding institute with the support of partners and sponsors.


The President of AAISA will be responsible for the day to day running of the Institute. The role of the Presedent involves:

  1. Identifying potential projects, sources of funding and resources
  2. Acting as a point of contact between partners or strategic contacts in the Arab world
  3. Promoting the AAISA to potential stakeholders in Australia and the Arab World
  4. Facilitating the effective and timely completion of projects
  5. Coordinating activities of AAISA
  6. Reporting

At times and for certain projects, the President may act as a project advisor or principal investigator if the project is within the scope of expertise.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will be comprised of high level representatives of external stakeholders in Australia , the Arab World and elsewhere. The role of the Board is to provide strategic direction, expertise and contacts for the AAISA. The
Board will meet quarterly and may comprise representatives from:

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Austrade
  • Arab Embassies and Consulates
  • Arab Universities
  • Western Australian Government
  • Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Independents

External Partners

In order to sustain the AAISA and to maximise the potential to develop its profile in the Arab world, it is essential to draw on interest of external stakeholders through the development of partnerships.

Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR)

The CAAR was established in 2003 as an initiative to strengthen ties between Australia and the Arab World. CAAR’s mission is “To promote between the peoples of Australia and the Arab world mutual interests and a greater understanding and acceptance of each other’s cultures, values, beliefs and diversity”. Education is identified as a strategic priority by CAAR for its potential to support institutional linkages, promote mutual understanding and productive partnerships between Australia and the Arab world on contemporary issues of shared interest. CAAR’s Strategic Plan includes funding for a flagship education program that would stimulateopportunities to strengthen connections between government, business and community leaders in Australia and Arab countries through tertiary education links.

Arab Embassies

The Arab embassies in Australia will provide in kind support to the AAISA. AAISA will, where possible, undertake events that coordinate with official visits by Arab Ambassadors and/or Ministerial delegations.

Australian Government and Industry

The Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) will provide in kind support to the AAISA and will assist in the coordination of events.

Austrade (the Australian Trade Commission) in Perth and in the Arab World are keen supporters of the AAISA. Austrade offices in both countries are aware of the AAISA initiative and have indicated their willingness to provide support by facilitating travel, contacts, meetings and video linkages with key people in the region.

AAISA Branding

The AAISA Brand will communicate the AAISA vision and mission and will be recognisable to external agencies. The AAISA Brand will become synonymous with high quality outputs and productive relationships between Australia and the Arab world. All projects and activities generated by AAISA will be promoted under the AAISA brand with co-branding of the related research areas where applicable.

AAISA Funding

The AAISA will accept funds from the a/m organisations till becoming self funded. It is intended that funding from projects, external partners and government programs will sustain the AAIA in the long term. A percentage of all project costs generated by the AAISA will be factored to sustain AAISA operations.

AAISA Reporting

Outcomes will be reported to the Board as well as the various sponsors. This approach will ensure that activities and outcomes are sustainable and used to sustain collaboration and inform the development of future initiatives. The Australia-Arab symposium, to be held when AAISA has been operating for twelve months, will be a major channel for disseminating outcomes and further develop interdisciplinary goals.